Wisconsin Topical and Court Case Index

For Use in Researching Wisconsin Tax Questions

The Wisconsin Topical and Court Case Index provides an easy way to research Wisconsin tax questions. It includes references, by tax type and alphabetically, to Wisconsin statutes, administrative rules, tax releases, private letter rulings, Wisconsin tax publications, Sales and Use Tax Reports, Wisconsin Tax Bulletin articles, Attorney General Opinions, and court decisions of the Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission and the Wisconsin courts.


pgs. i-iii

Part I - Topical Index
Individual Income Tax (Including Farmland Preservation Credit and Homestead Credit) pgs. 1-43
Corporation Franchise and Income Tax pgs. 44-71
Withholding of Tax pgs. 72-81
Sales and Use Tax (Including County, Stadium, Local Exposition District, and Premier Resort Area Taxes and Rental Vehicle, Limousine, and Dry Cleaning Fees) pgs. 82-132
Gift Tax pgs. 133-137
Inheritance and Estate Tax pgs. 138-144
Cigarette Tax (Including Drug Tax) pgs. 145-154
Tobacco Products Tax pgs. 155-158
Beer (Fermented Malt Beverage) Tax pgs. 159-170
Intoxicating Liquor and Wine Tax pgs. 171-184
Motor Vehicle Fuel, Alternate Fuels and General Aviation Fuel Tax pgs. 185-207
Part II - Court Case Index
Individual Income Tax
   Accounting … - Bad Debt …
   Bad Debt … - Educational …
   Educational … - Net Worth …
   Net Worth … - Writ of Mandamus …
pgs. 208-330 (Complete)
pgs. 208-237
pgs. 238-269
pgs. 270-299
pgs. 300-330
Homestead Credit pgs. 331-335
Farmland Preservation Credit pgs. 336-337
Corporation Franchise or Income Tax
   Accounting … - Deductions …
   Deductions … - Waste Treatment Property …
pgs. 338-383 (Complete)
pgs. 338-359
pgs. 360-383
Temporary Recycling Surcharge pg. 384
Withholding of Tax pgs. 385-390
Sales and Use Tax
   Accounting … - Manufacturing …
   Manufacturing … - Wisconsin Sales …
pgs. 391-448 (Complete)
pgs. 391-416
pgs. 417-448
Gift Tax pgs. 449-453
Inheritance and Estate Tax pg. 454
Cigarette Tax (Including Controlled Substances Tax) pg. 455-456
Motor Vehicle Fuel, Alternate Fuels and General Aviation Fuel Tax pg. 457

June 23, 2015